Salutations! We’re a second and third grade multiage class in Federal Way, WA. We work hard so we can do what we love for the rest of our lives! Wanting additional information about Ms. Houghton? Learn more here.


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  1. Hello Again! Greetings from California. We are heading back up North tonight. I hope to be back to school on Weds. or Thurs. I have had such a wonderful trip visiting all of my mom’s family. I met soooo many people I didn’t know were part of my family. It has been waaaaay cool. See you all soon. Love you and bye, BriBri

  2. Dear Ms. Houghton’s Class,

    I found your blog from a comment your teacher left on Elizabeth Bird’s blog. Seems that’s the way people find each other these days — a blog post, a tweet, a flutter, a flitter. Oh, but I digress!

    Got to meet Betsy Bird not too long ago at a book event in Seattle. She is fun, funny and smart too, writes some of the best book reviews ever, as you know.

    I am the author of a new series of middle readers for ages 6-10, books that are sooooo new they aren’t even in print yet. But by the time your class is in session again the Runt Farm series will be out and about. Would love to offer you a set of books for the class to read and review on this lovely blog of yours.

    Your teacher can find out a bit more about the series by looking for the Runt Farm page on Facebook and soon on http://www.runtfarm.com (under construction now – coming soon.)

    Thanks for bringing your classroom experiences and ideas to the world via the blogosphere! You rock!

    Read On!
    Amanda Lorenzo

    1. Dear Amanda,

      Congratulations on having your book published, and Happy New Year! I’m bummed that I didn’t receive an e-mail alerting me to your message sooner, but we’d still love to review your books. If you’re still up for it, feel free to e-mail me at shoughto (at) fwps (dot) com! Thanks for contacting us, and take care!


  3. Greetings,
    I just finished reading Diamond Willow to my fourth graders. It was our lunch time read a loud and is a part of our Battle of the Books set too. I googled the book and found a youtube video of Ms. Houghton talking about various books. are you the same? I had heard “Seattle Library” and thought the teacher may be in our area.

    1. That’s me! I’m at Wildwood in Federal Way. Thanks for visiting our site! We’re about 20 pages into Diamond Willow — we’re reading it together on our ELMO projector, and I also maaaaaaaybe made a few copies for students to read… I’m a little concerned about handling the more graphic / spiritual elements of the book as we go along, but they’ve done OK with conversations about Emmett Till, MLK and civil rights violence, and other sad topics, so I think we’ll be fine. Which school are you at in Kent?

  4. I would love to chat with you about your website! I am a 5th grade teacher in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. I teach a reading/writing workshop based curriculum. Your site is exactly what I want mine to be. When I first came upon it, I thought it was for high school students. When I saw 3rd grade I thought…”Ok, this girl is like me!”. Students are capable of so much more than we give them. I think we may have a similar teaching style. Do you publish your own site? Is your school a public school? I have many questions. You seem like a busy person…if you have time, email me back! Thank you so much.

    Julie Foster

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