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We asked some of Ms. Houghton’s friends to send us postcards from their cities so we could see what communities are like in the world. We talk about the post cards at our class meeting, and we’ve been learning a lot. We wanted to thank the people who have sent us cards so far:

Carrie Hoover, who sent us a postcard from Portland, Oregon:
We learned that Portland has a lot of good breakfast places and she doesn’t have to use a car.

Scott Cendrowski, who sent us a postcard from New York City, New York:
We learned that Scott works at a magazine that is close to Times Square in Manhattan. We were wondering, what do you like about your community, Scott?

Stephanie Simpson, who sent us a postcard from Cincinnati, Ohio:
We learned that Stephanie likes living on the Ohio River.

Ms.  Sukovaty, who sent us a postcard from Maui, Hawaii:
We learned that Ms. Sukovaty likes going to the Maui Aquarlium.

Franny Howes, who sent us a postcard from Lansing, Michigan:
We learned that Franny likes Lansing because the people there are friendly and they are like neighbors. We also learned that Howes is Franny’s last name, and that Franny House is not a place in Lansing.

Emily Bingham and Lindsay VanHulle both sent us postcards from Traverse City, Michigan.
Emily likes that she can do many things outdoors, like riding bikes. Her postcard was a picture of her favorite spot to hike.  Lindsay likes all the cherries in Michigan, and she likes the summer cherry festival.

Jamie Gumbrecht sent us a postcard from Atlanta, Georgia.
We found out that Georgia is close to Florida, and that Atlanta is where Martin Luther King, Jr. was born.  Jamie likes living in a big city and the weather there.

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  1. I like all the different types of food you can eat in new york city. japanese, chinese, french, russian, thai, brazilian … the possibilities are endless!

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