Temple of Heaven (Still Beijing)

A quick stop on our very busy day (I’m still covering my first day in Beijing, remember) was to the Temple of Heaven, a site the emperor set up so that he could go there to pray and make ritual offerings. I think the building’s neat because it was made without any nails at all!

Can you find me?

Picture 019

Here’s what it looked like on the inside.

Picture 020

These green tiles were on the way to the temple. My favorite color!

Picture 018

I’m so tired of people telling me OMG WATCH OUT FOR THE TOILETS when I told them I was going to China. They’re squat toilets. You bring your own toilet paper and things are totally fine. No big deal. This toilet was even ranked, and it was perfectly acceptable.

Picture 016

At any park in China, you can find people exercising. These folks were dancing.

(Picture 17)

Being a bus driver is very hard work.

Picture 021

Random fact: there’s more than one kind of dragon. There are also 9 dragon sons. One of the sons is able to tell whether an official is loyal or corrupt. So this dragon son is often found in front of office buildings.

Picture 015

Also, lest you think that China is dirty, this sign was up in the airport:

Picture 014

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