For Mrs. Melton's Class

“Thank you for supporting us on the MSP,” Esther said.

“You were nice to give us a bunch of help and support,” Anthea added.

“Thank you, Mrs. Melton’s class, for giving us the Rice Krispie bars,” Miriam said. “Thank you for the snacks,” Payton said. They actually lasted longer than the MSP, and we’ve been continuing to enjoy them!

Alexis said, “Thank you for cheering us up during the MSP!” Juan added, “Thank you because of all the nice things you did for us.”

“Thank you for the snacks — we loved them,” Thalia said. “They were really good,” Ra’Seana said. “And, they are one of my favorites!” Annette agreed. “Thank you for the snacks; they were good!”

“Thank you for the snack and for the tips for the MSP,” Cecilia said. “We enjoyed them.” Ryan added, “Thank you for Top Tips.” Xavier also thanks you for the book.

“Thank you for the bookmarks because they had good colors on them,” Leonel said. We were able to use them on the MSP!” Julio also wanted to thank you for the bookmarks, and Deandre is thankful too.

“Thank you for all the support you gave us on the MSP,” Carlos said.

“You guys are a wonderful class, and we are thankful for what you gave us,” Jasmin said.

“Thank you for believing in us,” Gregory finished.

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