Field Trip Photos!

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you SO MUCH for making Friday’s trip to the Point Defiance Zoo such an amazing experience. It seemed like you had fun and learned a lot, based on the facts you rattled off when we returned to Wildwood. :) Here are some photos I took of the creatures we encountered. As you know, no student faces are to be included in these pictures.

The weather held for us all day! We were so fortunate!
Sea cucumber! Larger and a different color than I thought it'd be. Just like the one featured in Dragonbreath!
It was Bali's 13th birthday, so we sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
Porcupines! Ereth would be so proud. We were all astonished at how HUGE they were. I pictured them as guinea pig-sized...
Puffins! Their wings look like bat wings when they dive into the water.
Along with cats and owls, otters are my favorite animals!
These prawns made me think of the crawdads Tom and Reg ate in Leepike Ridge.
The peacock bids us farewell.


What a fantastic experience. I can’t wait to debrief with you more next week. Enjoy the sun this weekend, and remember that there IS SCHOOL on TUESDAY (we originally had it off, but we need to use it as a snow makeup day). Be well, do good things, and keep in touch!


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