Day by Day: Routines Cycle 1, Day 8

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Routines Cycle 1: Revving Up

Day 8: Be Honest!

Challenge: Determine your response to students who claim other people’s words or ideas as their own. Decide whether you will respond to individuals like I would, or whether there will be a blanket policy for everyone. Also consider some key lessons with regard to plagiarism.

I don’t know that plagiarism will be as big of an issue as having family members/friends “help” students complete any work at home. So far I’ve dealt with that by having students keep their writing notebooks at home, but I’m still thinking of what I should do if I start having students bring them back and forth…

What is your policy for plagiarism?

Honestly, we haven’t done enough writing that plagiarism has even been an issue.

How will you communicate the policy for academic dishonesty with your students?

When we’re working with nonfiction text, I expect to have several mini-lessons around how to turn another author’s facts and information into their own words.

What kinds of questions will you ask students who have plagiarized to learn their motivation behind the plagiarism?

Gosh, seriously?! I can’t even imagine having to deal with plagiarism! Um, I guess I’d ask them about their fears and insecurities related to writing and generating ideas?

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