Day by Day: Mini-Lessons Cycle 1, Day 4

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Mini-Lessons Cycle 1: Meaningful Mini-Lessons

Day 4: Responding to Needs

Challenge: Create a space in your conferring notes to keep a list of potential mini-lessons. Be on a constant lookout for possibilities and jot them down.

I’ve added an extra page behind my group lesson plans for reading to record potential mini-lessons.

Taking a look at your list of possible mini-lessons, which are the most important to teach?

At this point in the year, making sure students feel encouraged to keep writing is key. We had four minutes of stamina, and I STILL had two students insist they had nothing more to say after three sentences. GAH.

Why are these the most important?

Because they will set the tone for the whole year — showing that “writer’s block” or “I’m thinking about what I’m going to write” aren’t excuses for inaction.

How could you go about teaching these lessons in the most effective way?

I’ll go another day or two using them as whole-group lessons, then I’ll follow up on them in small groups.

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