So excited to move forward!

I led a conversation about educators and WordPress at WordCamp this morning, and I’m SO PUMPED to start making changes and improvements from the feedback I received. Honestly, I just wish I could fix everything RIGHT NOW. Maybe I’ll go to one of the hacking sessions?

I feel really grateful that our tech policy isn’t as stringent as some districts people spoke about. Some elementary schools are only permitted to access sites that are white-listed, which makes me want to vomit because I can’t imagine not being able to use art sites, science sites, and Vimeo…

I’ll admit I was impressed with how gentle everyone was with me. I was very concerned the conversation would be derailed by grouchy people telling me my site layout is awful (I’m an educator, not a designer), but we stayed mercifully on topic.

More later. I’m in a post-lunch food coma.

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