Day by Day: Mini-Lessons Cycle 1, Day 7

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Mini-Lessons Cycle 1: Meaningful Mini-Lessons

Day 7: Active involvements: Learning by doing

Challenge: Think about your most recent successful mini-lesson. What did you do as a teacher when you demonstrated the strategy that clicked with your students when they arrived at the active involvement? Brainstorm ways that worked and think about ways you can replicate that kind of teaching.

I’ve been really clear this year about laying out the PARTS of writers workshop. They know we proceed with:

  1. Mini-lesson
  2. Guided practice
  3. Independent work
  4. Mid-workshop teaching point
  5. Independent work
  6. Share
So when we get to the active involvement, students know this time has been EXPLICITLY created for them to try out the strategy. So far, they’ve participated.

How can you engage all of your students in the active involvements you’re planning for the upcoming week?

I’m keeping the tasks really small and short so students don’t feel overwhelmed, and I’m stopping them while they’re still writing so they don’t feel like they’ve run out of ideas.

Do you need to do anything differently to plan improved active involvements?


If so, what?

I think I’ll need to keep checking myself to see that our mini-lessons are directly connected to the goals we want to achieve by the end of this unit. Sometimes I get carried away on birdwalks.

If not, how will you continue to do amazing work?

Despite my best efforts to have positive intentions, I imagine a bit of a snarky tone to this question.

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