If you grew up in the Wolverine State, chances are you know this handy acronym for remembering all our fair lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. But wouldn’t it be more fun to remember them with a fantastic art grouping?

Wow. I wish I had dug out our SLR to show you, but just LOOK at what even an iPhone photo can show you. The frames are made from wood salvaged from barns destroyed by tornadoes. The sellers, Jeff and Laura at Timeless Journey, are fast, awesome, and insanely affordable.

Now frames are neat and all, but I told you this art was related to the Great Lakes, right? It is.

It’s the Gitche Gumee! The cards are papercut from Crafterall, a Minnesota gal who does incredible custom work.

But wait, you say. This HOMES business — there are five lakes. Indeed there are.

Ahhhhhh, they look so fabulous. I wish the photos looked better, but I wanted to make sure I posted SOMETHING to show my gratitude to Crafterall and Timeless Journey.

Drat. Now I’m all homesick for Michigan again. “Michigan seems like a dream to me now… It took me four days to hitchhike from Saginaw…”

I wish I could teach Michigan history more than anything! Mainly because I would have us at Henry Ford Museum every week. I still know woefully little about Washington state…

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