Day by Day: Choice Cycle 1, Day 2

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Choice Cycle 1: Physical Choices

Day 2: Classroom writing center

Challenge: Evaluate your writing center. Make changes necessary so it inspires students to write. If you’re really looking to lift the level of your writing center, enlist the help of your students to organize it. Give them the supplies, containers, and a location for the writing center. then, step back and watch it come to life as they organize, containerize, and label the supplies. If students are invested in creating it, then they are even more empowered by it. Another idea for organizing supplies is to create mini-centers for each group of students. Put necessary items together that can be used by a small group of students. This eliminates some movement to and from a classroom writing center.

Am I just underthinking this? We use just our regular classroom supplies to write with, and students have the option of using pencil or pen.

What supplies inspire you to write?

Pens that write smoothly.

What items in your writing center empower students to live like writers?

Colored pencils, sticky notes, highlighters.

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