Day by Day: Mentors Cycle 1, Day 4

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Mentors Cycle 1: Students as Mentors

Day 4: Guest stars

Challenge: As you confer or read student work at home, look out for writing that will inspire or will lift the level of the rest of your students’ writing. Talk with the writer one-on-one and arrange for him or her to ‘guest star” in an upcoming mini-lesson so the rest of your class can learn a new writing trick or crafting idea from the student that they can apply to their writing.

Did the student explain his or her writing and craft techniques to the class in understandable terms?

How was the question-and-answer session?

Did the dialogue help other students model their writing after that of the writer you showcased?

What’s your plan for featuring other students’ writing in this forum going forward?

How will you make sure that the writing of many students is used as mentor texts?

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