Day by Day: Conferring Cycle 1, Day 2

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Conferring Cycle 1: Conferring Basics

Day 2: A typical writing conference is made up of a few key parts

Challenge: Practice conferring with a teacher-friend to make your conferences as fluid as possible. During your practice conferences, you might want to keep a timer that is counting up alongside you so you can pace yourself through all three parts of the conference. Make sure you’ve researched for a long enough period of time, but not for too long — you want to have ample time to compliment and instruct. Role playing with another adult will make the actual conferences with your students run smoother.

How did you balance the time in the three parts of the conferences you held?

Were your compliments about a paragraph of speech?

If not, how will you strengthen the compliments you give, without making them syrupy or repetitive?

Were the demonstrations during the “instruct” part of the conference effective for making your teaching point clear to the writer?

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