Day by Day: Conferring Cycle 1, Day 6

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Conferring Cycle 1: Conferring Basics

Day 6: Record-keeping systems that make sense for you

Challenge: Examine your conferring notes to determine whether your present system of record keeping works for you. If there are pieces that are working, then keep them! Try to figure out what doesn’t work for you so you can tweak your current system in ways that will help your conferring notes drive instruction. Look at the conferring notes of willing colleagues and record what you like about them. Then incorporate them into a format that works for you.

What do you love about your present record-keeping system?

What works for you?

How will changes to your record-keeping system help you streamline your conferring notes so they become a more useful teaching tool?

Will your new system help with efficiency so that record keeping doesn’t become burdensome?

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