Day by Day: Choice Cycle 2, Day 2

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Choice Cycle 2: Moving Toward Independence

Day 2: Finding a topic you want to write about

Challenge: Bring some of your old writer’s notebooks to class. Review them in front of your students on the day you’d like them to come up with a topic independently, and show them how you use your old notebooks to find something to write (more) about. Having a pad of sticky notes and a pen nearby will be helpful so you can show students how you mark off pertinent entries that will help you develop your new topic.

Did any of your students reread their writer’s notebook(s) to pick a topic independently?

How did that work out for the children who chose to reread their old notebooks?

Was it easier or harder for them to find something to write about using their notebooks as a springboard to picking a topic?

What kind of system can you implement in your classroom, or your school, to help keep track of old notebooks so students can revisit them any time they get stuck when deciding what to write about?

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