Day by Day: Choice Cycle 2, Day 7

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Choice Cycle 2: Moving Toward Independence

Day 7: What if…

Challenge: Pay attention to the revision you tend to favor in your own writing life. Do you usually revise structure, craft, or conventions? The next time you write, consider how you can enhance the meaning of your writing by revising the structure. Ask the same thing of yourself by revising craft and conventions to make the meaning f your writing stronger. Share these ideas with your students by starting a chart that shows the decisions writers make when determining how to revise. As students revise, they can add their insights to the chart.

Do the students in your classroom see revision as endless possibilities for crafting their words, or do they view revision as a way to fix poor parking?

As you notice students making choices that lead to significant revision, record these experiences either in your personal notes or on a class chart. This will give your students more support as you continue to open the door to revision possibilities.

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