Day by Day: Mentors Cycle 3, Day 4

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Mentors Cycle 3: Published Authors as Mentors

Day 4: Picture books aren’t just for kindergarteners

Challenge: Gather a bunch of picture books you are enthusiastic about. Hold a focus group with a few of your students at lunchtime or after school. Ask them what they like and dislike about each of the books so you can get a better feel for the types of books students in your class favor. You might choose to have them fill out a questionnaire about each book they view or you might go high-tech and record their reactions on video. As with any good focus group, make sure you have plenty of snacks for the group members.

What are some of the qualities of picture books that appealed to your students?

How will the information you gleaned in the focus group help you pick quality mentor texts for the future?

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