Day by Day: Conferring Cycle 3, Day 5

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Conferring Cycle 3: Lifting the Level of Our Conferences

Day 5: Small-group conferences

Challenge: During your mini-lesson, introduce the small-group conference options to your students. Give it an enthusiastic plug so they get excited about being empowered to choose the conference that works for them. Invite them to talk over the conference group they’d like to be in with their writing partner. Partners will also create a verbal plan (for the time they’re not meeting with their group) before they sign up for a small group.

Did the small-group conferences help your students’ enthusiasm for their writing work today?

What did you enjoy about these conferences?

What was challenging about moving around from conference to conference?

How will you touch base with students about the work they did today?

Is there anyone in particular you need to meet with the next day to reinforce small-group exercise?

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