My people got me to the WAETAG conference this weekend. My colleagues. My motivators. MY PEOPLE. Truly. I would have stumbled home after a long day of messing around with Gradebook and fallen into bed with cinnamon raisin toast. Instead, steeled by the fact that I’d get to spend some time with a handful of inspiring women, I sucked it up and trundled over to Shelley Keeler’s house. Off to the world of Tacoma, where you can drive “on the tide flats,” which makes me think of the crazy road from The Woman in Black.

Roger Fisher is the keynote speaker for both days of the WAETAG conference. His keynote was “Creativity, the Basics of Tomorrow,” which was interesting, but not terribly earth-shattering. He’s not the Roger Fisher of Heart, by the way.

Here’s my big takeaway from the keynote.

These two roads of thinking were good for me to ponder.

I crashed at Briana Johnson’s house so I didn’t have to drive home in the dark.

And that was the end of WAETAG. Woooooo.

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