Dizzled. For Drizzle.

I’m totally worthless on Friday nights. Especially, it seems, on Friday nights when I’ve been without my meds for a week (whoops). I’m typing this post while on the endless commute from downtown Seattle up to neighborhood in North Seattle.

Esteemed fellow members of my Seattle University master in teaching cohort met this evening at Eastlake Bar and Grill. It’s a tradition that’s entering its seventh year. Brilliant people make me happy.

I finally figured out how to increase the brightness on my school PC laptop. I’ve had it for six months. This does not mean I avoid conversations about EdTech. So why do teachers who aren’t top-notch mathematicians wind up avoiding conversations about math instruction? Hrmph.

LOLwork premieres next week. It takes place at the headquarters of I Can Has Cheezburger, which is where my husband currently works. I no longer have any desire to watch “reality” TV after seeing LOLwork pieced together. Like watching sausage being made. And I think that’s all I can say while still respecting the non-disclosure agreement I’m under.

You know who made me LOL today? Paul O. Zelinsky. YES.

That’s all the writing I’m capable of this evening.

Daily word count: 201

Total word count: 400-something. Mmmph.


One thought on “Dizzled. For Drizzle.”

  1. Paul Z. is such a good guy! But for now, get some rest and take care of yourself. Take your meds darn you! : ) Love and miss you. Mom

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