Nerdy Book Club at ALAMW13!

I need to send out an e-mail or text, but I haven’t because I got caught up in reading. SO!

Saturday evening! Rumba! 7:30 PM!

You’ll walk from the Convention Center up over the freeway and poof! You’ll be there.

The address is 1112 Pike St. Seattle, WA 98101. Click for a link to Google Maps.

If you reeeeeeeally don’t want to walk and you reaaaaaaaaally can’t take a cab, call me and I’ll drive you. <3 My cell is 206-849-8906.

More tomorrow.

One thought on “Nerdy Book Club at ALAMW13!”

  1. This place looks wonderful, Very Seattlely! Classy! Prices aren’t bad either. Your restaurant options were great! Have fun! Love, Mom

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