Moving Downstream

(Ryan Calme and Kelty. Photo by Jess Calme.)
(Ryan Calme and Kelty at a stream. Photo by Jess Calme.)

I asked Toby to walk through starting a webstream with me. He spends forever and always watching Minecraft streams and indie game streams and League of Legend streams. (I was going to link to all of the streams that are constantly being broadcast in the mancave, but Toby pointed out that most of the streamers use profane language. Which is another topic for another day.)

You can watch my stream heeeeere! Featuring NO profane language!

Anyway. So why’d I bother setting up a stream? I mean, I know I’m not going to be fascinating to watch, unlike my artist pals who livestream their sketching. WHICH IS AMAZING. But I have had a few folks ask me how I’m able to design units or assessments or write stuff so quickly, so I thought seeing what I’m doing might be useful. Plus, you get to listen to the sweet tunes I’m listening to. And eventually you’ll be able to hear my commentary too.

AND WHO KNOWS, maybe one day you’ll be able to watch me die a fiery death in Minecraft.

So here’s how I got everything set up. It took me less than an hour, and that included me getting grouchy and stopping briefly.

1. Acquire streaming software.

If you have Windows, you can use FFSPLIT and have a stream ready to go in two seconds. No joke. It’s crazy-fast. I don’t have Windows. If you have Windows, skip to step 4.

2. Cry because you’re using a Mac. Shake your fist at your father because you know he’s laughing at you for using a Mac.

3. Look at this article. Follow all the directions EXACTLY. All of them. (The only thing I changed was that I created a streaming account at Twitch rather than JustinTV.)

4. Click Start Stream.

Ta da!


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