My site is hecka spammy.

I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging because I’m finally almost done with National Boards and I have about a billion things I want to write about both related to NBPTS and not. First, I need to get the invasion on my site under control… apparently things are so bad even Toby can’t fix them without an investment of hours of time… Note: The spam won’t impact you, the reader. It just slows down my site and fills my inbox with awful messages.

A few of the social studies culminating projects I’m looking at in our curriculum (the pretty terrible Harcourt Social Studies) include bulletin boards. That seems awful to me, but with a few tweaks, I think I can make it happen, especially if I can add in a tech component. Enter Padlet. Here’s my first board!

[wallwisher key=’30d21lt5ie’ width=’100%’ height=’480′]

I hope it keeps updating on this post as I update it. You can add things too, so I can make sure it’s working OK!

Back to work, more later.

One thought on “My site is hecka spammy.”

  1. Awesome! Doesn’t impact me personally or professionally, but it amazes me how you constantly try to educate and improve yourself and others. Even old ladies like me! :) Love you always. Mom

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