Monday’s Seattle Education Association Strike

I haven’t spoken out much on the Seattle Education Association strike because I don’t feel like I’ve had much to add to the conversation. There have been plenty of well-spoken folks on many sides of the issues, and truthfully, I’ve been somewhat fearful of being perceived as co-opting the movement if I were to speak up.

That said, I’m trying an experiment tomorrow that I’d love for you to participate in whatever way feels appropriate for you. I’ve been streaming on Twitch a few months now, and I’m going to host an educational solidarity teach-in on my stream tomorrow. I want us to use the opportunity this strike gives us to engage in meaningful, challenging conversations. (plus fun! and games!)

I always talk about teaching and education issues on my regular stream while I’m playing video games, but I was thinking of showing some of the online work I do that’s not a part of my regular contracted day as a teacher? Like how when there’s a PBS fund drive, you see snippets of the actual broadcasts? Or for my journalist peepz, like going on a teach-along? So there might be some gaming, some Photoshop work, some rubric making. I’m open to possibilities.

I’ll use the teacher contract hours I’m familiar with, so I’ll be online from 8:20AM PST until noon. At that point, I actually have a tattoo appointment that’s been in the books for a while (my Ada Lovelace portrait!!!), so I’ll regroup and reflect on how the morning went, and potentially continue until contract hours end at 3:50 PM or make a plan for subsequent days this week.

How can you help? Well, if you’ve been one of the folks I’ve talked with over the past two weeks, chances are you’ve already helped me! I’ll add ideas to this original post as I think of them, and I’d obvi love to hear any of your thoughts as well. You can let people know we’re streaming tomorrow at (even if our Internet acts up). You can hang out in chat to make sure trolls (if any show up) are kept at bay. You can hang out on Twitter with me.

If you’re in the Seattle area, you’re invited over for coffee, tea, and conversation on the stream. I cleaned the apartment for you! If you’re a Skype person, get in touch with me (shoughton7).

You can run a search for your preferred news outlet’s views on the Seattle strike, but the SEA defines these as major unresolved issues:

Professional pay
Guaranteed student recess
Fair teacher and staff evaluations
Reasonable testing
ESA workload relief
Office professional workload relief
Student equity around discipline and the opportunity gap
The administration’s proposal to make teachers work more for free

I’m excited for some great intersectional education conversations!!!

One thought on “Monday’s Seattle Education Association Strike”

  1. Hi Honey,

    Just a note to say I hope all goes well. This sounds really exciting and could prove to be helpful and productive.

    Proud of you for trying to do something new, different and useful, rather than being one of those individuals who sit on the side lines complaining or not adapting to change.

    Love always,

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