More rad weather information

Tracking down more interesting goodies for our weather unit!

Information on how to become a meteorologist from the TV weather pros.

The NOAA folks are amazing. All sorts of information from their education program is available here.

This is incredible — I’d LOVE to be part of this program. Researching at sea?! No way!

I’m also interested in attending a Skywarn Weather Spotter training. My dad went through it a billion years ago, and I was always jealous that he knew what was going on before a storm.

New OK Go video!

Pretty much every single OK Go video has made it into our classroom in some way or another, whether we’re talking about Speed Stacks…

White Knuckles

Rube Goldberg machines…

This Too Shall Pass

And now I can see this video being used for (among other things) discussions of lateral and radial symmetry! Amazing!

All Is Not Lost

And you can click here to make your own message!

See, I did!

The one thing I *can’t* seem to do is figure out how to imbed video on my shiny new website. Help?