Ahhhh Book List!!!

Here are the books I’m bringing with me. I’m not bringing any guide books because they always stress me out, and I’m not bringing any Mandarin Chinese phrase books because I’m absolutely hopeless. (You didn’t hear me say that, ladies and gentlemen. I can learn anything I put my mind to, I just can’t do … Continue reading “Ahhhh Book List!!!”

Culture Shock, Hong Kong (1994)

Before I became involved with my CE trip to China, I have to admit I didn’t have any clue where Hong Kong was. I knew it was part of Asia, but that was honestly about it. (I’ve mentioned before how absurd it is that I’m allowed to be a teacher with my highest level world … Continue reading “Culture Shock, Hong Kong (1994)”

Postcards from Tomorrow Square

James Fallows is brilliant. I first heard about this book on Fresh Air, and it has been a thoroughly investigated, thoughtful account of life and business in China. And of course, it was a great read because Fallows is an irreverent, fun writer. All of Fallows’ essays are online, but I enjoyed reading them all … Continue reading “Postcards from Tomorrow Square”