Links to check out

I ADORE this reading of There Are Cats in this Book. Many thanks are due to Library Assistant Mrs. Cole, who introduced me to the book in the first place (and purchased a copy for our school library!). Thanks also to Betsy Bird, who shared the video.

You might also want to take a look at what the School Library Journal and Amazon picked as the best books of the year.


Link of the Week

School districts don’t like drama. YouTube can cause a fair amount of drama, but it seems a shame to not incorporate the valuable aspects of technology into our classrooms.

Enter TeacherTube. The content is approved, and in addition to videos, we can also upload narrated PowerPoint presentations and other goodies.

I haven’t uploaded a copy of us singing the Gallon Man song, but until I do, you can always view this. (A note to the TeacherTube people — it would be really great if we could embed video in our blogs!)


Number Munchers!

Back in the day, when my elementary school got its first-ever computer lab, one of my favorite games was Number Munchers.

Now, the NCTM just pointed out a great math game site to me that includes a similar game!

Math Games

Visit Hooda Math for this and other math games. What fun!

Happy Independence Day weekend, and I leave you with a quote from one of my favorite scientists!

“My interest in science is to simply find out more about the world. And the more I find out, the better it is!” ~Richard Feynman


Link of the Week!

Our class got into optical illusions after we watched the Golden Cage video by The Whitest Boy Alive. Check this out:

OK, that’s nice, you say. It’s a pinwheel, you say. Funny colors make it kind of trippy, you say. But get this: the green and blue swirls ARE THE SAME COLOR!

True story! Don’t believe me? Check it out here!

Our brains are pretty wild…