More rad weather information

Tracking down more interesting goodies for our weather unit!

Information on how to become a meteorologist from the TV weather pros.

The NOAA folks are amazing. All sorts of information from their education program is available here.

This is incredible — I’d LOVE to be part of this program. Researching at sea?! No way!

I’m also interested in attending a Skywarn Weather Spotter training. My dad went through it a billion years ago, and I was always jealous that he knew what was going on before a storm.

Lessons from Hatchet

We finished reading Hatchet last week, and although I’m usually more of a My Side of the Mountain kind of girl, my students’ enthusiasm made me enjoy it a ton more this time around. (Also, the student who checked out My Side of the Mountain this week in library — AND is actually reading it — is my current hero)

A few days ago, my partner Toby found this link for us. When Toby was in 5th grade, he wrote a song about Hatchet with his friend Lena. He says he can’t remember all the lyrics, but when he does, I’ll pass them along to you. :) Parents, I screened this article to make sure it was 4th-grade-appropriate! Please enjoy 10 Wilderness Survival Lessons from Hatchet.

You can also read Gary Paulsen‘s introduction to Hatchet and chunks from the story here, at Google Books.

If you’d like to write to Gary Paulsen, his address can be found by clicking on his picture below!

(He looks so serious, doesn’t he? I bet he’d be able to give Man vs. Wild a run for his money!)