Snow in Seattle

Perhaps you’ve heard, we’ve had a bit of snow in the Pacific Northwest. Federal Way hasn’t had school all week (an absolutely safe choice, as the side roads are insane even if the main roads are fine. Thanks, Superintendent Neu!).

What’ve I been up to? Oh, a few things.

National Board entries. Lots of writing, lots of editing. I really don’t know how authors can stand to look at their writing by the time they get to the revising and editing stages. My goal is to get Entries 2, 3, and 4 done by the end of January.

I’ve been holed up creating Caldecott-related LOLs with the assistance/support of illustrators Julian Hector and Paul O. Zelinsky.

I HAVEN’T been fulfilling my duties as host of the Sibert Challenge, which is embarrassing, but I’m working to correct this.

Speaking of awards, TRAGEDY IS UPON US. Because we didn’t have school today, we didn’t have a chance to narrow our Mock Caldecott short list of 11 books down to OUR TOP THREE. PLUS, I will be at the National Title I Conference next week and won’t be back in class until WEDNESDAY. YARRRRR. I am formulating a plot.

Enjoy the rest of the day!