StitchFix #2

After a decent spell of not buying clothing, I relented and ordered a second StitchFix. I decided to post this to my teaching blog rather than Overdressed to Kill because I justified my purchase as a way to acquire some back-to-school clothes. So AWWW YEAHHH school clothes. I first learned about StitchFix from former SNewser Allison Loerch. You pay $20 upfront as a “styling fee,” which is deducted from the price of anything you buy. If you don’t buy anything, you lose the $20. If you buy everything, you get 25% off all five items.

A real human goes through and picks out stuff for you, which is fun. This is my second Stitch Fix (see my pick from my last one here), and although all the clothes fit me better than my first box, things were still hit and miss. The style was spot on, though. I had requested more solid items, as I have a ton of printed pants and shirts, but that means I sometimes wind up having too much going on to match things well. Here’s what I got:

IMG_1178So when you sign up for StitchFix, you fill out a whole style profile and they’re pretty good at matching you up with correct sizes. Plenty of people have posted the outfits they’ve received, but it’s super rare for anyone to share their sizes.

Because I’m not one of those foxxxxy fashion bloggers and I’m not trying to make a blog-living off being cute, I’ll give you the info that would have been totally helpful for me. I’m 5’10” and 178 pounds with a 31″ waist and 35″ inseam. I usually wear an 8-10 in Gap and an 8L in Boden. I can’t wear J. Crew pants anymore because my hips are too big for their stuff. I’m a vintage size 14 and a designer size 10-12. I wear a medium or large in tops.

On the Stitchfix site, you can be pretty specific in your sizing. For example, I indicated that my butt is enormous and that sometimes impacts how skirts and pants fit me. Here’s what part of my style profile looks like:

Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 9.46.11 PM

I figured I’d show you what I was already wearing today for a casual Sunday before I tried everything on.


Dress by REI via Salvation Army Royal Oak
Cardigan by J. Crew via Gather
Lipstick in Suedeberry by LimeCrime
Necklace from Mom!
Sandals by American Eagle

When you get your StitchFix, you receive five items. You can request items you prefer or would rather not receive. For example, I said I didn’t want scarves or bracelets, but I was interested in statement jewelry. Here’s what I received:

IMG_1197 Necklace by 41 Hawthorn, $32
Shirt by Boden

The style of jewelry is right on, and I LOVE the earrings, but in person the jewels in the necklace are slightly transparent, which makes them look super cheap. Sending them back.

IMG_1198Shirt by Boden
Jeans by Kensie Jeans, $88
Sandals by American Eagle

IMG_1201 Did you look at the jean website? GURL, my stylist definitely took a chance with these pants because I would have NEVER bought them from the website. I was initially pretty grouchy that my stylist picked jeans because in my profile I said A) I don’t usually wear pants and B) I RARELY wear blue jeans.

That said, for white jeans, these were almost okay! They were a squeak too tight — you can see me pointing at the see-through pockets in the second picture — but that probably would have been OK if they hadn’t been white, so I’d say my stylist picked my size correctly. Also, I know that these are meant to be short because they’re called Ankle-Biters (cute), but they were just a little too short for my liking. Sending them back.

IMG_1206Shirt by Tua
Jeans by Gap
Sandals by American Eagle

IMG_1209Stripes! I know I had asked for more solid items, but I’ll pretty much never turn down stripes. Toby (who also took all the photos in this post) liked this shirt best, and I agreed. It’s nice and long and super-light without being sheer, so it’s perfect for school. A little more expensive than I would have preferred, but this was the best item of the bunch, so rather than lose my $20 styling fee, I got it. Also, I’m wearing blue jeans. Rare. Keeping it.


Tank by Natural Life
Jeans by Gap
Sandals by American Eagle


I like this company and the tank was cute and super soft. I’m also very much into coral, so the color was a wise choice. That said, it’s too sheer for school and it’s not flattering at all. Look at DAT BOOTAY. Toby said, “It looks like a pony tail.” Sending it back.


Tank top by Old Navy
Lace shirt by Jack by BB Dakota
Jeans by Gap

Dis mah skeptical face. I also had a photo of me wearing this shirt without a skeptical face, but WordPress didn’t want to upload it after three attempts, so I’m sticking with just this one. My stylist was right on in selecting this type of shirt, but it was just too short. Bummer. This is going back.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my rad clothing items. I always appreciate any feedback and suggestions for improving mah sweet style. StitchFix is definitely worth a try. Enjoy!