Weekly Report

We didn’t have a chance to fill out our yellow Weekly Report sheets on Friday, so we will show you here what we did in class last week.

Name: Ms. Houghton’s Class

Date: Week of December 1-5

This week we did many things in Ms. Houghton’s class. In math we made Yardley, we took our unit math test, and we took our district math test.

We have been learning about typing up our essays in writing. This week we learned how to take an idea and make it into more than one sentence.

One of the books we have been reading is CinderEdna. Ms. Houghton chose that book because it’s about Cinderella, and we just finished reading the original Cinderella from Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Another thing we did in school this week was we started this Blog! A blog is short for Web log, and it’s a type of Web site.

We’re very proud of our work on this Web site because people as far away as Germany and Georgia read what we wrote!

Our goal for next week is to finish our essays on What Make Our Class Great!