Ladies and gentlemen of my 2009-10 class, I’ve been thinking about you lately. I’ve been sneaking peeks at the 5th grade teachers’ class lists and I can’t believe you’ll be there so soon. I think all adults say stuff like this, but it seems like it was just yesterday that many of you arrived in my classroom back in 2008 as brand new third graders. Can you imagine your life without Ticket to Recess? Or classroom meetings? Or the June box? :) I can’t imagine my life without you, and I’m thrilled to watch you grow this year.

Anyway, I’m just now really starting to understand how incredibly lucky I was to have spent the summer in London and Scotland. While I was there, it was almost like I was living inside of a dream. Throughout this year, I’m going to share with you some of the adventures we had abroad. You were with me all the way.

So today I was thinking about Lichtenstein. I had a chance to see WHAAM when we were at the Tate Modern in London, but while we were in Edinburgh, we came upon a surprise.

My friend Jackie and I were trying to find the Museum of Modern Art. This was harder than you might think.

We thought this path would take us to the museum.

So we took this great path that went along a river, but we never found the museum. We walked a very long way. But we weren’t discouraged! We tried again the next day!

Found it!

And boy, was I glad we went back. We discovered that they have one of my all-time favorite Lichtenstein pieces, “In the Car.” I was so moved by the art, I was speechless. I got a little teary.

Art should communicate something to you, or move you.

I know we’ve looked at pictures of Lichtenstein standing next to some of his larger pieces to get an idea of how big they are, but it was an incredible experience being right there in front of such an enormous work of art.

It's so huge! The whole thing doesn't even fit in the picture!

I can’t wait to take my students to a museum this year. I’m also so grateful that we’re able to include art in our six-day schedule. I’m already plotting what our first project of the year will be….

(Thank you to Ms. Jackie King for the photos.)


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