The Funny Little Woman

This week, we’ll be studying The Funny Little Woman by Arlene Mosel and Blair Lent. This is another Caldecott winner, although I personally prefer Mosel’s Tikki-Tikki-Tembo.

In the book, the funny little woman makes rice dumplings. If you’re not familiar with rice dumplings, they usually come wrapped in banana leaves and look like this:

Rice Dumplings

Click here to find out how they’re made.

I love getting food from Mee Sum Pastry at Pike Place Market, but I’ve never tried their rice dumplings. I’ll let you know what I think next time I’m downtown!


2 thoughts on “The Funny Little Woman”

  1. Dear Ms. Houghton’s Class,
    We talked about The Funny Little Woman and rice dumplings. Some of us have eaten rice dumplings before. We think we would like to read The Funny Little Woman. We are talking about our story of the week on our blog. Come join us!

    Miss Hauk’s Class

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