Appalachian Spring

Today, we started reading Ballet for Martha, a narrative nonfiction book illustrated by Brian Floca, who also illustrates Poppy, our current chapter read aloud.

Ballet for Martha is one of the books included in our Mock Caldecott Awards, and it’s pretty magnificent. I’ll review it in tomorrow’s book talk, but today I told our class that I’d upload the full ballet. We watched Part 1 today in class during snack time.


2 thoughts on “Appalachian Spring”

  1. Ms. Houghton,
    Did you know that Isamu Noguchi who designed the sets for Appalachian Spring also designed Hart Plaza and the Dodge Fountain in Detroit? He was a wonderful designer and worked primarily with the Herman Miller Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan designing furniture. He designed this set with Martha Graham because they were very close friends.

    1. Miss Hauk,

      I had no clue! This is fascinating! I will find some photos of Hart Plaza and Dodge Fountain and post them here!

      Has your class had a chance to read The Funny Little Woman yet? Our class has an inside joke of laughing like she does all the time. I think other classes must think we’re weird. :)

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