Congratulations, Wildcats!

Today, Wildwood competed in the 4th annual Thomas Jefferson winter middle school math contest. What an exciting day for our team! I think I was proudest of how well we came together as a team.

Congrats to Sam, Tyler, Hannah, Brian, and Connor!

Wildwood’s mathematicians dominated! Tyler placed 4th in Ciphering, Sam placed 5th in Ciphering; Sam, Tyler, Hannah, and Connor all placed in the Individual Test, and Sam, Tyler, Hannah and Brian placed fifth in the Team Test! I should also mention that the Team Test was a 5th/6th grade competition! Great job, Wildcats! We’re SO excited that your hard work has paid off so spectacularly!

Wildcat Math!
Wildcat Math!


Many thanks are due to Tom Norris, who put this whole crazy event together, to Tom Clymer, who writes challenging but fair tests, to James Brown for being a mathematical force to be reckoned with, to the TJ volunteers who work with our kids every week, and to our students’ families! It’s truly remarkable to be a part of Wildwood’s math community!

Next week, I’ll begin a series detailing how James Brown and I have put together a functioning and fun elementary school math team!

**Students’ families have explicitly given me permission to use photos and their students’ first names.**


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  1. Shannon,

    Although it’s true that I write challenging but fair tests :-), Tom Norris or perhaps his Thomas Jefferson High School Math Team students wrote them.



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