Today’s Moment of Zen

Ms. Willard* and I spent quite a while roaming the streets of Laurelwood Gardens making home visits yesterday. We were excited to talk with a few more families, and honestly, we were both really impressed by the design of the complex. It was welcoming and bright, and we enjoyed walking around.

One of the neatest sights we saw was actually at a house where no one was home.

What an excellent use of limited space! Maybe they were out at the library getting more rad books when we stopped by! (you can see my welcome letter, gift book, and contact info magnet on the ground in front of the door)

This honestly made my day. I’m so tickled when we find families who ardently support reading.

*Ms. Willard just got married this summer and she will still be Ms. and she will still be Willard! She is my kindred spirit!

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