Day by Day: Routines Cycle 1, Day 7

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Routines Cycle 1: Revving Up

Day 7: Plan Boxes

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Challenge: Set aside time to instruct your students about the importance of reaching their writing goals through careful planning. Guide them through the planning process by first having them think about how they’ll use their independent writing time. Next, have them tell their writing partner what they’ll do first, second, and third (if they finish early). Finally, have your students write down their plan in their notebook and show it to you before they leave the meeting area.

This quote has stuck with me ever since I first started typing the reflection parts of these posts during the summer. Because we’re now an AVID school, there have been many conversations about setting goals and putting a plan in place to achieve those goals. So I’m really excited to implement having a plan at a micro level in students’ writing notebooks. Heck, I’m sure I could benefit from one too!

Did any of your students take more than three minutes to craft a plan for their independent writing time? How will you support them in planning more quickly going forward?

Zoinks, I imagine some of them will. I’ll support them by crafting sample plans they can use.

Were any of your students not adhering to their plans?

I’m pretty sure I will have one barometer kid who will not adhere to his plan on a fairly regular basis, so I’ll work with him individually. I imagine some of my students will set too broad or too lofty goals.

How did you get them back on track?

I will encourage them to set two easier, attainable goals, but still keep one of their larger goals.

How will you get them to stay on track with their plan during the next writing workshop without a reminder from you?

I’ll have them articulate their plan to me before they write it down and begin so the plan is fresh in their mind.

One thought on “Day by Day: Routines Cycle 1, Day 7”

  1. Okay, so I’m a crappy book clubber — but from the 20 pages or so I’ve read, I’ve done two new things. One, I took seriously the advice to have a meeting space. So we gathered on the carpet. It was kinda magical. We will do it again. Second, I dig the Plan Box. It kinda seems AVID-esque (the whole thinking ahead thing). So I went with it. I gave them a parrot-model to copy after we discussed it. Some kids actually filled in the model, some kids copied the blank space. Those kids may need some special love from Ms. B. Johnson. Overall, we launched the workshop. Game on! (Will comment more as I read more and try more!)

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