Day by Day, Mini-Lessons Cycle 1, Day 9

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Mini-Lessons Cycle 1: Meaningful Mini-Lessons

Day 9: Endless Possibilities for teaching from text

Challenge: Consider the list of potential texts to use in a mini-lesson. Make a plan to use a type of text you’ve not used often in your mini-lessons. As you stretch yourself to try something new, remember that this is what we ask students to do each day in our mini-lessons.

Which type of text are you most comfortable using in your mini-lessons?

Chunks of text from fiction chapter books or picture books, or essays by humorous authors like David Sedaris.


The text is short, interesting, and familiar to students so they can focus on the author’s craft rather than on the novelty of a brand new piece of writing.

How did it feel when you stretched yourself to try something new in your mini-lesson?

I’m not sure yet. Right now, I’m still buried in all the suggestions for graphic organizers I received after my request in yesterday’s post! :) But as with any time I go out of my comfort zone, I assume it will be nerve-wraking but ultimately rewarding.

How does this connect to the way your students feel as they attempt new ideas in writing workshop?

Ostensibly, my students are trying something new every day in writing workshop. Therefore, I’ll gain greater empathy for them by continuing to push myself as a writer too.

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