Day by Day: Choice Cycle 1, Day 1

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Choice Cycle 1: Physical Choices

Day 1: The culture of having enough

Challenge: Make a list of items you feel all students need to have access to for use in writing workshop. Talk with administration about what they can supply if your students’ parents do not have the means to provide those items for the classroom.

Thankfully, this year I think we have all we need. I might get a few more date stampers, but otherwise we’ll just need some legal pads, which I can purchase with FWEA money.

How will you teach your students to care for the supplies?

Class discussion, and I’ll share / have previous students share what has happened when things weren’t cared for properly in the past.

Will you do a guided discovery, a class discussion, or something else?

See above.

What will you do if you find out that students are hoarding supplies or taking items home?

Talk with families. This is why beginning of the year family visits are SO HUGE!

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