Day by Day: Choice Cycle 1, Day 5

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Choice Cycle 1: Physical Choices

Day 5: Writer’s Notebooks for Tech-Savvy Students

Challenges: Identify some students in your class who might benefit from a blog. Usually these are the students with excellent ideas, but who don’t enjoy the physical act of writing Talk to them about how a blog might help them express themselves as a writer. Then create a plan that involves keeping up with their daily notebook writing for a given time period. Discuss how that might transition into a blog a a means for keeping an online writer’s notebook.

What kinds of permission do you need to obtain from your administration and from students’ parents before creating blogs for your students?

What kinds of guidelines will you create to keep your students safe once they create a blog?

Think through independent writing time in class: How will the bloggers be held responsible for completing assignments if they’re not using a notebook?

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