Day by Day: Choice Cycle 2, Day 3

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Choice Cycle 2: Moving Toward Independence

Day 3: Its okay to say nop

Challenge: Make a list of choices you imagine students making that would lead to meaningless writing. Then make a list of choices you imagine would lead students to powerful writing. Although the bulk of your lists will include topic choices, consider audiences and genres that will position students to write well. Finally, make a third list of possible writing projects for you to complete. Again, include the topic, genre, and audience for each of these projects. It is important to realize what moves us as writers to inspire the young writers in our classroom.

What kinds of writing assignments were you expected to complete in school?

How do your feelings about these assignments compare to your feelings about your list of personal writing projects you created in the challenge?

How do you want your students to feel about the writing they complete in writing workshop?

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