Day by Day: Choice Cycle 3, Day 4

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Choice Cycle 3: Living the Life of a Writer

Day 4: Many paths can lead to the same goal

Challenge: Choose a phase of the writing process that your students will be embarking on soon. Write down what you hope they will accomplish at this point as writers. Now make a list of all the possible ways students could accomplish this goal (e.g. outlining, storyboarding, or talking to a partner using their fingers to tick off the scenes if they’re in the drafting stage).

Is the thought of students customizing their writing processes invigorating or stifling to you as a teacher?

How will you push students into trying new strategies, while also creating a culture of choice in process in your classroom?

How will you respond to a student who says, “I’m planning in my head,” “I’m revising in my head,” or “I’m thinking about different leads in my head,” yet rarely produces the word?

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