Mini-lesson Monday #1

Kate wants us to ponder “How do you find the time to write?”

For me, I have a well-meaning tendency to get sucked down into an Internet vortex of resources when I start a project and never wind up accomplishing what I set out to do. This doesn’t just happen with writing, but I anticipate it might rear its ugly head this summer as I explore comments and head off into a link-fueled rabbit hole.

So I guess the biggest part of making sure my summer writing doesn’t turn into summer-stalk-awesome-teachers is making sure my time on my computer stays productive. I’m sure Lifehacker has some widgets that keep me on task, so I’ll pester Toby about that this week. I was planning on using Google Docs to do my writing, but I could always turn off my wifi and just use Word… but the research I’ve been doing on Buckminster Fuller is mostly online, and I probably need access to that…

Hm. So the thing that needs to go is the random Internet dinking around. Twenty minutes a day. Got it.

Where? Probably at the kitchen table or at the bar where I can spread out relevant books and clippings.

I’ll end with a relevant song that I come back to whenever people say they don’t have time to read.

“You say there’s no time to study — people, look / you got time to take a ish, then you got time to read a book.”

“Southside Revival,” Blue Scholars


2 thoughts on “Mini-lesson Monday #1”

  1. Ha – you had me at ‘making sure my summer writing doesn’t turn into summer-stalk-awesome-teachers’! Isn’t it the truth? The black hole of never ending ideas is immense and I get sucked in as well. Here’s to doing the writing first!

  2. I laughed out loud when I read about making sure the time doesn’t become “summer-stalk-awesome-teachers.” I am nervous about this being my downfall as well. Surely you will be able to keep yourself from falling down the rabbit hole as you work toward your goals in writing.

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