Bucky Songs

I interpreted today’s quickwrite as making a playlist for one of my characters. So I started making a Spotify playlist, but I realized I couldn’t include many things I thought Bucky would find interesting.

Like The Symphony of Science

Or Vi Hart. (Please note: everything she does is brilliant, but this one musically/mathematically blew my mind)

And Pogo!

And look! There’s a freaking Richard Feynman choral composition! I imagine he would have liked the holistic perspective composer Michael Gandolfi brings to his work.

And although I can’t really picture Bucky Fuller caring what anyone thinks, I like to imagine him bopping around to this song:

Speaking of bopping, this rad anecdote comes from Peter Blake‘s 1972 introduction to a retrospective called “The World of Buckminster Fuller” in Architectural Forum. Blake met Fuller in a basement drafting room in the Chicago Institute of Design in 1947.

“He was standing on top of a drafting table, kicking his heels and demonstrating some of the steps he had been practicing at the local bebop school; and he explained to me that the beat related, somehow, to to a mathematical shorthand that he had just then developed to help him chart his excursions into the universe.”


I don’t know much bebop, so I asked my husband for his favorite Charlie Parker song.

Bucky would also probably be interested in the Everything is a Remix series:

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/14912890]

I really wonder what Bucky, who was so grounded in making things work out on Spaceship Earth, would have talked about with astrophysicists like Neil DeGrasse Tyson in terms of prioritizing research. Would he want us to stick to trying to do more with less on Earth? Or would he want us to scout for resources and possibilities in the cosmos?

Thanks for getting me thinking, #TeachersWrite!

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