The Power of Wordle!

I wasn’t going to do Thursday’s quick-write because I just produced what I’m calling a “half-draft…” it’s not even a full rough draft, so I didn’t think it would turn out well and I’m super-embarrassed about it.

But I couldn’t resist the siren song of Wordle. Wordle can be used for about a billion things, but I love using it to run my report card comments through after I’m done with my whole class. Here are some comments from the last few years:


Pretty rad, right? So curiosity got the better of me and I ran my half-draft through.


I’m pretty pleased with how things panned out, actually. “____Person’s Name____Understood” was a repeated sentence through the text, so it makes sense that that’s big. Bucky and Dymaxion make sense too. It seems like the next most common words are

  • structure
  • design
  • ideas
  • used

That’s where the work is for me today, methinks. “ideas” and “used” are kind of wimpy, especially when I really want to show that Bucky’s thought process wasn’t coming up with a set of discrete inventions or plans, but they’re all crazy-connected with each other and with the world and even the universe.

So. Hm. I will rewrite my half draft, perhaps play with a different direction entirely.

Oh! I also need to say that the book that’s been blowing my mind this week is Uri Shulevitz’s Writing with Pictures. So far “Chapter 3: A Complete Action” has been most helpful.

Today’s my writing day, so I’ll keep you posted later on how things go!

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