Classroom Update

I’m still working in my classroom. It still has lots of boxes, but at least I’m finally moved completely out of Room 103. To see what my room looked like last week, check out the post here.

Door to my classroom.
As you enter the room and look to the right. Still lots of boxes, but now there’s a cheery carpet!
Center of the room, pretty much the same as in the last post.
Front and center of room. ALL OF THE PURPLE BULLETIN BOARDS. You’ll notice I cropped out most of the remaining boxes.
CAFE board is ready to go. Also, letter and poster from Bill Thomson, and C.R. Mudgeon from Julian Hector!
Leonardo, all up in Lucy’s business. Also, rad ecological calendar.
Close-up of my math teaching corner / my “desk.” I need to fix Oodvar, my broken wooden stool. :(


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