Thirstday 01/17/13

David must be a good teacher because he asks excellent followup questions. Last week, I shared my espresso setup, and he requested a video of it in action. I aim to please!


Speaking of Seattle and espresso, you should probably watch this live performance of “Diamond Pistols” by Seattle duo Fresh Espresso. I can’t stop listening to it on YouTube. Partly because they’re not on Spotify. IT SAMPLES “BIRDLAND” FOR CHRISSAKES!!!  In the interest of full disclosure, there’s one inappropriate word included.


So the books I spoke about in the video. I need to express my frustration that the first biography I shared it part of the “Asian Americans of Achievement” series. Because we can’t just consider him an AMERICAN OF ACHIEVEMENT? Blargh.

On a similar note, are we really so Asian-American talent-deprived that we have to trot out Kristi Yamaguchi, Yo Yo Ma and Tiger Woods for evvvvvery sinnnnnngle Asian American biography?

Anyway. You’ve gotta read this AMAZING article about the making of Ballet for Martha. And it did win a Sibert honor in 2011, not the award. The medal that year went to Kakapo Rescue, which I really can’t complain about. :)

I so deeply respect the work Lee and Low does. Every book I open up and see they’re the publishers, I’m like awwwwww, this is gonna be gooooood! I also didn’t realize that  Lee and Low author Christy Hale (author of The East-West House) also wrote Dreaming Up!

Hope you’re sipping something tasty this week!

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