Miz Houghton’s class first mystery skype!!!!

Recorded by Vincent K:

photo 5
Vincent K., transcribing our Mystery Skype.

Today(March 20th 2013.)our class had our first mystery skype!It started with Marcos A. introducing mitchel k.(question&answer person.)

photo 3
Mitchel K. asks questions while Alejandra V-G makes sure our connection cable doesn’t come unplugged.

Then ms.Houghton suggested to start asking questions.Here is some of the questions we asked:

Maya R. asked: “Do you live in a cold hot place?”

Selam W.asked: “Do you live in a large state?”

Adam H.asked: “When was your school built in?

Savanah A.asked:”Are you east of st.louis?”

Mitchel K.asked:”Are you near the space needle?”

photo 2
Yoeel V-M’s photo of his Mystery Skype map.

Now the after the questions we found out that the kids we were at Camalot!(Thanks to Kyle M.)

After the skype we asked Kyle:”How did you know they were at camalot?”

And he said:”The skype name they used was familiar to me.”

Additional information from Ms. Houghton:

All photos in this post were taken by our photogapher, Yoeel V-M. I added in the captions.

Our students were pretty pumped about their first Skype, conducted with the fantastic students from Mrs. Steighner’s 2/3 HCAP class at Camelot Elementary. We’re looking forward to further MysterySkypes, and Thien T. helped me set up a shared Google calendar to record upcoming Skypes, as well as field trips and other school events.

Tyson E. created a Google document with information we gathered about Camelot students and their corner of Auburn (although they’re a Federal Way school, their mailing address is in Auburn).

photo 1
Tyson E., recording data.

We can’t wait for our next Skype!

One thought on “Miz Houghton’s class first mystery skype!!!!”

  1. What fun! And at the same time, being educational. Using current technology in the classroom. Way to go Miz Houghton and class!

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