Shake off the blues

Nothing profound for the second day of our journey. For whatever reason, I was exhausted, missed Toby, and I felt unsettled for no good reason. I was totally comfortable in the back seat of the truck, where I can legit stretch out my legs completely, and I got in a few good naps, but I still felt ill at ease.

I forced myself to finish reading a terrrrrible book, which could have contributed to my blues, but that seems a bit silly. That saidnote: DON’T BOTHER with The Paper Magician trilogy. The premise is awesome and original, but the execution is excruciating. I feel terrible because the author seems charming, but please trust me on this.

Something that made me happy was starting a book with my parents. I originally began reading Rains All the Time by David Laskin a few months ago, but stopped when I realized my mom and dad might like to read it, so I saved it for Westward Hough. I wasn’t sure if they’d be interested in hearing me read out loud in the car, especially because Dad’s still kind of learning how to pull the 5th wheel, but they were! So I’m really glad to start reading it again, and I’m also glad they seem to be enjoying it too.

After a tiring day of doing nothing, we arrived at the really fantastic Des Moines West KOA. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the campgrounds we’ve stayed at thus far, knock on wood. Jill was excited about the sunbeams.


The Internet’s subcultures never fail to amaze me. Apparently the scrapbooking community has a related crazy planner community, because posting planner layouts is a thing, and whenever I post my layouts, I get 3849637247892 likes. Slight hyperbole.

I mean, let’s be honest, my lettering is pretty cute, but I’m surprised at the interest. One of my old layouts was featured on the Passion Planner instagram, and it got more than 200 likes in 15 minutes, which is insane to me.

Not much else to report. Tuna salad for dinner, which of course made me extremely happy.

(Wednesday’s card was the Queen of Wands)

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  1. Lettering is very cute. Makes me want to get back into scrap booking. I contemplated getting rid of the mounds and drawers of things I have collected. I just want time to use it just a few uninterrupted hours with no guilt.

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