Classroom Policies

New to Ms. Houghton’s class? Need a refresher on classroom expectations? You’ve come to the right place.

Homework Policy

Students have homework Monday through Thursday. Students who complete all their classwork and homework receive Friday Choice on Friday afternoon.

Each day, students read 20 minutes. I suggest they switch off reading one page out loud, then one page silently. This will allow them to practice both their oral and silent reading skills, which are critical for 2nd and 3rd graders. Please have your student write the title of their book in their planner, then have whoever witnessed the reading sign the planner (this can include a sibling, as long as they can vouch for the student’s work!).

On Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, students have six math problems on a paper that will say “Spiral Review” on the top. There is a 2nd grade side and a 3rd grade side. Second graders are more than willing to complete the 3rd grade side and vice versa, but students must always complete at least their grade level work.

At the beginning of the year, some of these math questions may seem unfamiliar. If this is the case, have your students give the work their best shot and/or write down the specific point they got stuck. Throughout the year, I post instructional videos to help explain math concepts and procedures. DO NOT spend an excessive amount of time on homework!

On Tuesdays, students will receive a yellow polyvinyl folder with their names on the front. This is their Letter to Ms. Houghton. I write back to students each week, and I expect that their letters will be thoughtfully completed. I’m not looking for flawless spelling or conventions, but two sentences saying “I had a fun week. What is your favorite color, Ms. Houghton?” is not acceptable. (This is an actual example)

I can be reached at (253) 945-4416 or (206) 849-8906 with questions or concerns.

Uniform Policy

We follow Wildwood’s official school uniform. Ms. Houghton is occasionally lax on the sock rule. Graphic hoodies and patterned long-sleeve undershirts are pretty popular status symbols lately, so she asks that if students are chilly and want to wear a hoodie or long-sleeve undershirts in the classroom, please have it be solid navy or white.

Art is scheduled for day 1 or day 4, so you might want your students to wear older clothes on these days. PE happens on days 2 and 5, so suitable shoes are essential. Students wear their regular classroom uniforms for PE.

It rains a lot in Western Washington. If you have a student who loves to play in the mud and in puddles, please consider bringing in a spare set of clothes for them. The nurse’s office has some extra clothes in the event of an emergency, but the supply is often tapped on soggy days. Speaking of extra uniforms, if your student outgrows their uniform, consider donating items to our community collection.

Birthday Policy

Birthdays are celebrated with five minutes in the “hot seat,” where students are able to field questions from their classmates for five minutes. If class is not in session on a student’s birthday (ex. July 10), we will celebrate their half-birthday in class instead.

If you want to bring birthday treats, please keep in mind that nutritious snacks can be tastier and more of a treat than sugary junk food. Additionally, the official district policy states that food cannot be homemade. Please contact Ms. Houghton if you are concerned about food allergies.

Absence Policy

If your student is going to miss school, please let the office know ahead of time by calling the absence line at (253) 945-4403 or by writing a note. You can also contact our office staff by sending an e-mail to If your family is planning a trip, consider checking the FWPS calendar to line it up close to a district break. Please give the office staff and Ms. Houghton two weeks advance notice so she can prepare lesson materials.

Banned Book Policy

Our class reads books that are available in the FWPS school library system. If you have a concern with a book being studied in class, please contact Ms. Houghton as soon as possible so an alternate text can be made available for your student.

Wildcat Leaders / Self-Managers

More information will be added at a later date.

Discipline Policy

More information will be added at a later date.


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